Beginners Guide to Moving Aging Parents Into Your Home

COVID-19 cases in nursing homes and assisted living facilities were devastating, as the illness raged through our most vulnerable population who had been living together in such close quarters. As a result, many families made the decision to move their senior parents into their home, which raised a number of challenges.

Carolina Hearts Home Care, one of the top-rated home care agencies in Aberdeen and the neighboring areas, has the tips you need to ensure a smooth transition while moving aging parents into your home. When considering the decision to move aging parents into your home, consider the answers to these questions:

  • How will the move affect other family members? For instance, will one of the children have to give up his/her bedroom and share with a brother or sister?
  • Are there any unresolved difficulties with your aging parent that could impact your ability to offer the very best level of care?
  • If you work outside of the home, who will take care of the senior while you’re gone?
  • How will vacations be handled? Will the older adult have the ability to travel with you, or is there a plan you can put into place for respite care? Is there enough designated space for him/her to have privacy?
  • Will any home modification need to be made, such as adding grab bars and railings, additional lighting, or wheelchair accessibility?
  • Could there be a problem related to issues such as pets, smoking, or drinking, either on the part of your parent or another person in the home?

Next, host a family meeting. This should include everyone residing in the home as well as your siblings or any other loved ones who may choose to be engaged in the plan for care. It’s important to provide everyone with the chance to air any concerns openly and honestly. After all, bringing your aging parent into the home is a life-changing event for every family member.

After the family is in agreement with the decision, talk with your parent about the idea. Assess whether or not he/she has been thriving in the social atmosphere in a facility, and whether he or she will miss the activities and friendships. Is there an alternate source of social interaction with peers? Reassure the older adult that the whole family is fully on board with the idea of inviting him or her to your home to live, and address any concerns that come up in conversation.

First and foremost, know that you’re not alone in your new care responsibilities! Caring for an aging loved one comes with commitment and responsibility; our care team does this every day. Carolina Hearts Home Care is here to serve as your trusted partner in care, offering as much or as little home care assistance as needed.

Contact us at 1-855-277-2005 for a free in-home planning meeting. Our senior care experts can help facilitate the discussion about options for Aberdeen home care, and share more about how we can help with moving aging parents into your home. Please see our full service area.