Take the Stress out of Diabetes Care with These Tips

From sunrise to sunset, a day in the life of those with diabetes is bombarded with a number of different requirements to regulate the disease. Between medications, injections of insulin, checking blood sugar levels, exercising, and managing dietary needs, it’s easy for diabetics to end up feeling stressed out.

Carolina Hearts Home Care’s in-home care experts realize the obstacles and struggles of diabetes care management, and suggest the diabetes care tips below to help reduce stress and maintain ideal health:

  • Keep in mind that none of us are perfect. Effective diabetes care doesn’t mean being perfect with care every single day. Some days will just be better than other days and it is important to be forgiving for the periodic glucose changes and then learn from any mistakes made along the way.
  • Identify care hurdles. Barriers to diabetes care management could be:
    • Requiring additional information/education on appropriate diabetes care
    • Steering clear of scenarios that could affect a care schedule
    • Excuses to eliminate regarding getting adequate exercise
    • Eating choices that might be influenced more by feelings than actual hunger
    • Depression or other emotional concerns
  • Remain upbeat. Through everything, a positive attitude can go a very long way. In place of thinking, “I’ll never be able to manage my diabetes—I may as well plan on having health problems,” try thinking, “I didn’t pay close enough attention to the size of my portions at lunchtime; that’s why my blood sugar is elevated. I need to plan in advance and keep portion sizes in line with my dietary plan or cover with additional insulin if I consume more than I meant to.”
  • Accept assistance. Friends, family members, and neighbors very often provide a great shoulder to lean on. Just advise them what is beneficial and what to watch for. Home care services are also a wonderful resource for diabetes care support and encouragement.

For more helpful diabetes care tips and information on alleviating the burden of managing diabetes, contact Carolina Hearts Home Care at 1-855-277-2005. Our compassionate and highly skilled senior care team is here for you to plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals, pick up prescription medications, provide transportation to doctors’ appointments, and much more. We’re on hand to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year according to each person’s particular preferences and schedule.

As the leading provider of home care in Lumberton and the surrounding areas, we look forward to helping make life easier and more enjoyable for you and the seniors you love!