Family Caregiver Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Are your elderly parents in need of care? At the same time, are you trying to meet the needs of children and your spouse in the home? If so, you are a part of the sandwich generation – a demographic of people, typically in their 30s or 40s, who currently are responsible for raising their children while at the same time providing care for their aging parents. The task lists of the sandwich generation are overflowing. Many family caregivers have challenging careers, are providing activities for their children, and handle a number of household chores in addition to their senior care responsibilities. Thankfully, there are strategies to support caregivers, and the first step is getting educated about how to make the situation more manageable with some family caregiver tips. 

At the risk of placing more on your plate, think about including these things on your to-do list to help:

  • Plan a family meeting.
  • Examine the various caregiving tasks that need to be carried out daily and weekly. Establish common expectations of how these caregiving tasks will be accomplished.
  • Understand the facts to avoid surprises.
  • Speak with your senior parents about finances, learning about their goals for long-term care, and any plans they may have made if they were to become incapacitated or sick.
  • Ask for help.

This is frequently the most difficult thing for a family caregiver to do; but it is without question the most necessary. You simply cannot try to complete everything on your own, and that is fine! Reach out to local resources, including the Area Agency on Aging, a hospital social worker, a health care provider, or a religious organization. Also get in touch with a local senior care company, like Carolina Hearts Home Care, to give yourself a break while ensuring your loved one is well cared for. 

Most importantly, know that you are not alone. Carolina Hearts Home Care’s services provide you with the opportunities you need to relax, decreasing the likelihood of sandwich generation caregiver burnout. Whether the need is for just a couple of hours each week, 24/7, live-in care, or pretty much anything in between, our dependable care staff can help with a variety of home care needs: personal hygiene, meal planning/preparation, light housework, running errands, transportation, or just pleasant companionship and enjoyable conversations and pastimes. 

Contact us online or call us at 855-277-2005 for more information about our home care services in Aberdeen and the surrounding communities and discover how we can help you and your family.